Kayaking Excursions in the Utica, NY Area: Mohawk River

FCCR Presents Kayaking Excursions in the Utica Area!

Trip Date: July 30, 2012

Mohawk River: Rt. 291 Whitesboro, NY to 8-12 Harbor Rd. W Utica, NY

Trip Overview:

       This was an adventure Joe and I embarked on that took about 4 hours to complete. We put our kayaks in near 8-12 Harbor Rd. W, Utica, NY (entry off of Genesee St.). When you turn off Genesee there is a parking area to your right and to your left there is a tiny road that leads to where you can place your kayak in the water. Yes, we know we traveled against the rivers current, but wasn’t that bad! It is nice to have the current on your side, so we would definitely recommend doing this run in reverse; put your kayaks in the water near Rt. 291 in Whitesboro and taking out in Utica. My parents did the Whitesboro to Utica run on the Mohawk a week ago and it took them about 3 hours to complete. They were able to enjoy the beautiful scenery and wildlife while keeping a regular paddling pace. There is a parking area near Lock 20 off Rt. 291, across the street is where we put in our kayaks (any questions give us a call or email us).

Kayaking run on the Mohawk River: Whiteboro, NY to Utica, NY.

Trip breakdown:


  • The exquisite scenery. From the curves and winds of the river, to the wildlife that seemed to be guiding our run, we were truly amazed by the natural beauty of the Utica area that’s currently being overlooked by thousands that live here.
  • Following ancient routes that the Mohawk Native Americans used to canoe. It felt amazing to be traveling down the same river the Native American once did.
  • Being able to find an oasis from a city lifestyle, right in our own backyard.

The section of the Mohawk River we kayaked goes through parts of the Utica Marsh WMA and near NYS-DEC land.  Some of the wildlife we observed included:

  • Great blue herons
  • Green herons
  • Mallards
  • Blue jays
  • Dragonflies/Damselflies
  • Red-winged blackbirds
  • Frogs
  • Crayfish
  • Bass jumping, minnows swimming close to the bottom of our kayaks

(More descriptive wildlife blogs to come from your Conservation Biologist!)

WARNINGS[not to discourage you, just to be aware of 🙂 ]

  • Though still navigable, the water levels were pretty low as a result of a very dry summer
  • Intensity of rapids will increase after some good rainfall, but be aware of what comes with heavy rain/storms; fallen branches and possible block in the river.
  • Be prepared to get a little dirty if you have to physically get around a water barrier, kayaks with drain holes would be great as water in your kayak drastically increases the weigh of it! (From experience!)
  • Very difficult to move if you were traveling alone, so a buddy would be handy (And safe).


  • Pack extra water & snacks
  • Travel this route from Whitesboro to Utica

Tips for running this route Whitesboro to Utica:

  • When you get to a point where you could go left, straight, or right bear LEFT
  • When see some fallen trees stay to the LEFT
  • Take multiple stops to stretch legs–look for rocky shorelines, mud river edges are slick and you will sink! (As Joe did )

Overall this route was easily navigable with a kayak. There were some fallen trees in the water (probably as a result of some recent storms) but were not obstructing path completely.

Interested in kayaking after reading this? Rent a kayak through us and go on your own adventure! 9′, 11′, and two person kayaks available!

Reserve now: (315)749-8912, or email us: info@fishcreekcabinresort.com

Keep in mind our cabins for Fish Creek Cabin Resort will be COMING SOON in the process of being built now, pictures will be posted soon, so stay updated by checking out website!


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