Kayaking the Mohawk River: Delta Reservoir to Rome

Want to do a Class I run that will take between 2.5-3.5 hours?

This is a very calm run, where one could also enjoy another recreation while kayaking– fishing!


“The water was calm and peaceful, bring a fishing pole, you have potential to catch pickerel and small bass, use small artificial spinners. There were small rapids at points but nothing too dramatic if you are fairly athletic, my girlfriend and I had fun on this run as amateur kayakers. We saw a lot of wildlife, many different birds species. There were plenty potential stops for lunch/snack breaks. My cousin Timmy caught a small pickerel, we all had a great time!”
-Steve Schoen’s input on 8/12/12 run down the

Mohawk from Lake Delta to the Savoy Restaurant

The Mohawk River is part of the Barge Canal-Finger Lakes watershed. In the Canoe Guide to Western and Central NYS it is said that the construction of the canal created ‘loops’ of rivers that are partially canalized and makes for some of the most pleasant paddling locations in NYS. Many parts of the Mohawk River can not be accessed by boats so canoeing or kayaking may be the only transportation to explore the water way. We see this as a positive for the Utica area, eliminating pollution (physical/sound) that comes with boating.


Joe and I explored the Mohawk run from Lake Delta Reservoir to the Savoy restaurant in Rome, NY on September 9, 2012. The run is ~8.5 miles long and took us about 3 hours to complete, which included one stop to eat and do a little fishing. We started around 1:30pm the weather was low 70’s and sunny. We navigated to the Lake Delta Inn using my IPhone and then followed the road a little further around the bend and saw an area off the road to the right across from the dam. There is a little path down to the water you will see, its a little steep so wearing grippy sneakers/shoes would be beneficial. It helps to have a buddy there to hold our kayak as you step it, but it is possible to get in yourself.

Great Blue Heron, Mohawk River 9/9/12

Wildlife observed:

  • Great Blue Herons
  • Blue jays
  • A medium sized bird with black head and white underside (Woodpecker I think either Downy or Hairy)
  • Chipmunks
  • Minows
  • Dragonflies/Damselflies

Dragonfly hitching a ride, Mohawk River 9/9/12


  • Short Class II rapids in a couple different parts, theses were fun and manageable, not difficult
  • A little shallow in some parts but the whole run was navigable
  • The current was pretty strong so not a lot of effort had to go into paddling

The best way to get out:

When you get to the Savoy Restaurant (which will be on your right) there is a bridge overhead above the Mohawk, so go to the rocky shore just before the bridge to find the path up the hill to the road. If you go under the bridge, like we did, it is fairly easy to turn around and go back to the other side!

Goodluck and enjoy!

Remember to call us 315-793-0726 to rent kayaks, different rental packages available.

Where are the fish at? Mohawk River 9/9/12


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