Attention nature lovers and outdoor adventurers living in the Utica area!

Looking for a way to escape everything that comes with living in a city?

Well look no further, because there is a nature getaway right in the heart of Utica!

Find yours too by kayaking the water ways in this area, like Mohawk River, as we did.

The next couple blogs will be descriptions of trips taken by myself (Corinne), Ben Schoen, Claudia Schoen, Joe Vele, Kelsey Peek, Lyndsay Schoen, Mike Schoen, Tim Schoen, TImmy Schoen, Lyndsay Schoen, or Steve Schoen (possibly more let me know if I forgot you!) Thank you all for your participation! Keep on kayaking!

We will be able to provide you different kayaking routes you can take within close distance of the Utica area.

If you have any questions give us a call at 315-749-8912 or email us at

If you have any kayaking routes of your own you want us to share on our website send us an email or comment on a post! We would appreciate your feedback!


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