Calmwater Kayaking/Canoeing

Central New York Calmwater Kayaking Run:

Mohawk River Runs

  1. Rt. 291 Whitesboro → 8-12 Harbor Rd. W Utica
  • Class I, time to complete= ~3 hrs.

2. Delta Reservoir → Savoy Restaurant, Rome

  • Class I, length= ~8.5 miles, time to complete=~3.5 hrs.
  • Cautions: sharp turns, strong current, possible down trees/limbs

West Branch of Fish Creek Runs

  1. Camden→ McConnellsville (Forest Park to Oswego Rd.)
  • Class I above McConnellsville, Class II below, length= ~15 miles, time to complete= 5 hrs.

2. Westdale → Camden

  • Class I, length= ~9.5 miles
  • Cautions: nearly impossible with low water levels, possible down trees/limbs

Fish Creek Runs

  1. McConnellsville→ Sylvan Beach (Oswego Rd. to Oneida Lake)
  • Class I, length=~10 miles
  • Cautions: motor boats

2. Blossvale→ Sylvan Beach


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