Continuing Fall at Fish Creek Cabin Resort

This post overviews some attractions that you can enjoy either as a history buff visitor or a visitor interested in the history of the area surrounding Fish Creek Cabin Resort.

Joe and I (Corinne) took some time to visit and explore some Central New York state historical sites within close proximity to Fish Creek Cabin Resort. The below pictures capture the sites during mid fall this year — pictures were taken on October 16th. Our first stop was Oriskany Battlefield State Historical Site in Oriskany, NY.

Oriskany Battlefield, Oriskany, NY (October 16,2012)

bfbIf you are not familiar with what happened on these grounds, where a national monument now stands, click this link to read the details about the Battle of Oriskany (Link information provided by New York State Office of Parks, Recreation, & Historic Preservation). Today, visitors to the battlefield can walk the site and read a series of interpretive signs.

The Battle of Oriskany has been recognized as one of the bloodiest battles during the war for freedom.

After leaving the Oriskany Battle Field, we headed to Fort Stanwix National Monument in Rome, NY (6.5 miles from Oriskany Battlefield.) Although we drive through the city of Rome and right past Fort Stanwix to get to Fish Creek Cabin Resort, this was our first visit through the fort and the Marinus Willett Center.

Marinus Willett Center, Rome, NY (10/16/12)

I was actually unaware that there was an interpretive center for Fort Stanwix that included park ranger guided tours which run daily throughout the fall for free (Please check the National Park Service website in the following link for more information, and to check if a ranger will be present when you schedule your trip).

Once inside the visitor center we were greeted by a ranger who gave us an overview of what the center had to offer during our visit. There are also a number of artifacts from the fort’s restoration that are on display to check out.

Without going into too much detail, we want to give you a little insight into what the Willett Center and Fort Stanwix has to offer you as a visitor.  There is a very professional interactive TV experience inside the center that will send you back to 1777. I recommend you walk through this to get the opinion of the battle from different perspectives at the time and refresh your knowledge of the battle. There was a lot I forgot!

Fort Stanwix, Rome, NY

The Monument has three short trails that encircle the fort.

One of the trails follows a portion of the Oneida Carrying Place.

The other two trails interpret the events of the siege of 1777.

Leaving the center we followed the trail to the enterance of the fort. I was impressed by all of the work that has been done to recreate this strategically built fort, and what went on inside of it. The National Park Service did a great job with interpretive signs showing who lived where, and depicted interesting facts about life inside the fort.

Did you know, Fort Stanwix National Monument and Fort Necessity National Battlefield are the only French and Indian War sites in the entire National Park Service? Check out The National Park Services website for more information.



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