Fall Favorites in Central New York

The East Branch of Fish Creek- Fall

Staghorn Sumac- Marcy, NY

Living in Central New York, my favorite season is fall for many reasons. Being an artist and biologist, it is the combination of the colors, smells, and sounds. As the warm summer nights start to fade away and the temperature begins dropping into the mid 40’s and 50’s, you start getting the feeling that fall is on its way. When traveling you keep an eye on the trees, waiting to see when the leaves will start to foliate. You become impatient because they are not changing into the vibrant reds, oranges, and yellow that are typical during the fall. Then boom, like an autumn explosion it all happens over night. Around here nothing can beat the smell of apple crisp cooking in the oven, it is like a Yankee Candle on steroids! Or that first sip of locally made apple cider from Twin Orchards in New Hartford. Or biting into a crisp and crunchy Maccoon apple — they are my favorite!


I love the drive from Whitesboro to Taberg for the fall foliage and seeing pumpkins for sale on local farmers stands. If you want to read an interesting article explaining why during some falls we have brighter or duller leaf foliation check out this link and read the text prepared by Carl E. Palm, Jr. Also, the downloadable link below was written by my former dendrology professor from SUNY-ESF, Donald Leopold. You can use it to identify foliating trees in your backyard! Guide to Fall Colors in Upstate New York

Now you are probably wondering, what is there to DO in CNY during the fall other than lodging with us at Fish Creek Cabin Resort 🙂

There is plenty of outdoor activity in this neck of the woods. From hiking and biking to horseback riding through one of our State Parks, this is an outdoor enthusiasts paradise. Fall Brook Stable, owned by Wendy Washeleski, is located up the road from Fish Creek Cabin Resort in Taberg. Check out Fall Brook Stable’s website and contact Wendy for more information on what they can offer you!

Fall foliage along the East Branch of Fish Creek

If you are looking to get some great pictures of fall foliage in CNY or just want to observe and experience this amazing season, calm water kayaking is one way to do it! There are many routes on the West Branch of Fish Creek that are within close proximity to Fish Creek Cabin Resort. Kayaking parts of the Mohawk River is another exciting option. Other places to calm water kayak close to Fish Creek Cabin Resort include: Salmon River, Beaver River, Oneida Lake, Delta Lake, & Adirondack lakes. Interested in a GUIDED KAYAKING TOUR of any of these locations? Contact us through email or call us
(315) 749-8912 for more information. Don’t have your own kayak? Remember we have them available for RENT with very affordable rates.

Fish Creek Cabin Resort from Main St. Taberg

If you have not been to Pixely Falls State Park yet, it is a must on your list of fall activities. Pixely Falls is a picturesque park with the main attraction being a 50 foot waterfall. In the park there are areas to picnic and nature trails to meander through. It also has access to numerous miles of trout streams. Click this link for the NYS-DEC page on Pixely Falls for maps and pictures.

  • For more information on what to do in Central New York during the fall check out I LOVE NY’s website on fall activities.

UP & COMING EVENT: 11/3/12

Wendy Washeleski has created the ‘First Annual Harvest, Health, and Happiness in “The Berg” Event’. This will be an event to bring local artists, crafters, services, and other small businesses in the area together to promote and support the local community of Taberg. Anyone and everyone is welcome and invited to attend this event on November 3, 2012 at the Taberg Fire Hall  on Route 69 in Taberg, NY. Join the event page on Facebook or just show up! There will be food, crafts, jewelry, body products, and more available. Wendy has described some of the vendors on the facebook page if you want to know more information prior to the event.

Concluding todays blog:

Lodging is available at “Central New York’s Premier Four Season Cabin Resort” all year round. So if you like fall, spring, summer, or winter in CNY, Fish Creek Cabin Resort is the place for you. Central New York has something to offer you no matter your age or activity preference. Keep reading our blogs as winter arrives for new activities and ‘must-see’ places when planning your next stay at Fish Creek Cabin Resort. New pictures and stories to come, including pictures and descriptions of our newest cabin arrivals! Have a great day and enjoy the fall photo slideshow below.

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Macoun apple photo: http://www.notsuperhuman.com/2010/09/

Apple crisp photo: http://tastegoblet.wordpress.com/2006/12/18/apple-crisp-with-oat-topping/

Apple cider photo: http://mousehousekitchen.files.wordpress.com/2010/12/mulled-apple-cider-made-easy_featured_article_628x371.jpg


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